Collectors Booster Pack

Bebop and Tempo

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Collectors Booster Pack

Expand your Bebop and Tempo collection with the Collectors Booster Pack containing various digital goods. This collection is free and no charges will be placed on any accounts.

Bebop and Tempo Original Soundtrack

Contains all 22 tracks originally composed by Jed Crouch, in a high quality loseless .WAV format.

  1. Bebop and Tempo Title Theme
  2. Rainbow Palm Cove Theme 1
  3. Rainbow Palm Cove Theme 2
  4. Rainbow Palm Cove Castle
  5. Sorbet Summit Theme 1
  6. Sorbet Summit Theme 2
  7. Sorbet Summit Castle
  8. Nimbus Valley Theme 1
  9. Nimbus Valley Theme 2
  10. Nimbus Valley Castle
  11. Neo Beat City Theme 1
  12. Neo Beat City Theme 2
  13. Neo Beat City Castle
  14. Cadence Scene
  15. Boss Fight, Boss Fight Intro
  16. Final Boss Theme
  17. Artifact Room
  18. Level Select Theme
  19. Options Theme
  20. Thanks for Playing!
  21. VS Menu Theme
  22. Vs Mode Theme

Bebop and Tempo HD Wallpaper Collection

Contains five full HD wallpapers themed around each area in Bebop and Tempo!

Preview (75% lower resolution):

Ring Tones

Five ringtones in .M4R format, ready to go for iPhone!

  1. Options
  2. Title Theme
  3. VS Theme
  4. Rainbow Palm Cove Theme
  5. Thank You Theme


Five avatars ready to use for your favorite online forums or social media!

  1. Bebop and Tempo
  2. Bebop
  3. Tempo
  4. Swing and Dixie
  5. Cadence

Preview (75% lower resolution):

Bebop and Tempo Instruction Manual

A digital reproduction of the instruction manual that was included in the physical release of Bebop and Tempo. 12 full color pages with lore about the enemies and characters in Bebop and Tempo. Available in .PDF format.