Bebop and Tempo Overfunded on Kickstarter and Accepted onto Steam

Brandon Dominguez

Over 100% Funded

Thanks to everyone that supported Bebop and Tempo through pledging and or sharing on social media, Bebop and Tempo has been successfully funded! We were able to push just past 110% and met the first stretch goal. Discussions with Jed Crouch, the music composer of Bebop and Tempo, have already begun and we have been brainstorming to expand the in game soundtrack. The final boss music is coming along very well. ;)

Future Plans

Now that Bebop and Tempo has been invited to publish on Steam and has been successfully funded on Kickstarter; I will be getting back to spending majority of my time developing and fine tuning Bebop and Tempo. I will still be available to be contacted on social media and Kickstarter. Jed will also be available on Soundcloud if you want to hear any of the previews that have been previously released or to take a listen to many of his other original and arranged tracks. If you have not done so already, please be sure to follow Bebop and Tempo on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Steam.

Physical Editions

Since I have to order supplies in bulk to keep costs down, there will be additional physical copies available to purchase in the future through Bebop and Tempo's main website that you can visit by clicking here. Both the standard and special physical editions will be available, but very limited. So if you had friends that missed out on the Kickstarter or maybe you want a physical copy if you have not already ordered one, this will be your chance! However, the copies available through Bebop and Tempo's website wont have as many perks as the Kickstarter editions had. More details on the differences will be shared in the future. 

Digital Editions

All versions of Bebop and Tempo will be distributed through Valve's Steam platform. In the future, Bebop and Tempo will be purchasable through Steam in a digital format. There will be a special digital version that will include extras like the Bebop and Tempo Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack will also be available separately through Steam as well, of coarse, in a lossless format. :) Steam is known for having great summer sales and maybe...just maybe Bebop and Tempo will have additional content available in time for the summer sale.

Denver Comic Con 2017

Bebop and Tempo has been invited and will be exhibiting a booth at this years Denver Comic Con 2017, June 30-July 2, 2017, in the Hall of Games section. There will be live demos, competitions, giveaways, merchandise, and more. Stop by and say hello if you are in the area! More info can be found here.



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